"Our programs mission is to instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment."

  • NJROTC offers a high degree of personal honor, self-discipline, leadership, and academic achievement. 

  • The program presents opportunities for scholarships and information on military services as a possible career.

  • Students are able to partake in national competitions such as air rifle, orienteering, and academics.

  • The NJROTC program and its cadets benefit the community, the school, and most importantly themselves.

On September 28, NJROTC cadets had the mission of leading the Homecoming Parade. Thank you to all the cadets that were able to participate. A bigger thank you to all the parents who were able to watch their child march and lead the Home Coming floats through the city of Turlock.

Thank you to all of the female NJROTC cadets that were able to attend in this years American Hero's Benefit Dinner. On Saturday, October 6, The women of NJROTC had the opportunity to serve and waitress American Heros. Showing the initiative to give to the American people by serving a great dinner to hungry heroes. Great Job out there Cadets and keep up the great work!

On October 26, NJROTC Cadets had the opportunity in being a part of the STEM Discovery day where cadets were able to to tour the Naval Post Graduate school. Cadets were given a tour around the school for future aspiring cadets and were given advise and help in those looking to go to the Naval Post Graduate school. Thank you to the parents and chaperones that helped to get these cadets moving a step forward and being ahead of the game.

Thank you to all of the NJROTC cadets that were able to help out at the annual NRA dinner on Saturday, October 27. Cadets from the National Shooting Team were given the chance to raise donations for their future in shooting. Especially thankful to the parents and NRA Officials who were able to help the NJROTC shooting team and donate to the National team. Additionally, thank you to all the cadets that were able to attend and help out in serving dinner to Turlock's gun enthusiasts.


As of Friday 8th NJROTC cadets received two pancake breakfast tickets. Cadets are meant to sale the two tickets or else it will affect their grade. Cadets can sell as many as they want. At the end of the ticket sells which ends on March 8th the cadet with the most ticket sales will win a prize.

Thank you to all of the NJROTC Cadets that were able to attend the Quilt Show on October 9. Quilts were shown by cadets and given to kids of all ages. Thank you again to all the parents and cadets that were able to show up and help show the amazing quilts that were made. Keep making a difference out there cadets!

Thank you to all the parents and the NJROTC Cadets who were able to participate and attend this year's Bulldog Challenge on Saturday October 20. Several schools from all over the county came to Turlock High to battle each other out in several games. Turlock was able to achieve 1st overall in score and trophies, additionally the Academic, Basketball, and the Mile Relay all won 1st place. The Seal Team Challenge (Girls), Tug of War, and the Air Rifle team were able to place 2nd. Finally Volleyball achieved 3rd place. Congratulations to each of the cadets that participated and great job out there to everyone that placed. Keep up the great work cadets!

Thank you to all of the cadets and veterans who were able to tend the annual Veterans Ball on Saturday November 4. Extremely grateful to the veterans who talked to each of the cadets of their story and their time in the military. Turlock High NJROTC is extremely grateful to those that have gone to the troubles and hardships of the military. Thank you again veterans for your service and NJROTC hopes that all of you had a great night!

February 6-8 our varsity shooting team completed for a spot in nationals. 


Cadet of the Quarter

NJROTC recognizes an outstanding cadet each quarter, whose performance in the unit demonstrates loyalty, reliability, patriotism, and exceptional sense of duty. We would like to recognize Cadet Seth Boice as Turlock High NJROTC’s cadet of the quarter.

2019-2020 Turlock High School, Winter royalty runner ups

Turlock NJROTC got runner up for winter prince and princess 2018-2019.

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